For those who want to be respected for their humanity and honoured for their Universal Nature.

We welcome you!

May we all find the dignity, joy, peace and love that is our birthright and the freedom to choose the course of our own lives.

Embrace your past
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Our shared family friendly not for profit, lifestyle medicine wellness centre is dedicated to supporting all peoples (practitioners and clients) seeking radiant health.

Charitable purposes and powers

Community Health Initiative’s object is to provide public benevolent relief to those suffering from the negative effects of past traumatic abuse, drug abuse, serious mental illness or incarceration with a particular focus on:
(a)  providing intensive support, repair and recovery programs for such people; and
(b)  providing life-skills training and employment readiness programs for people who have suffered like this; and
(c)  providing transformative healthy diet, exercise, routine planning and creativity engagement education programs to support long term health outcomes for such people; and
(d)  providing support for family reconciliation for these people; and
(e)  providing programs that help family members and guardians actively support 
their recovery; and
(f)  preventing young people dropping out of secondary or tertiary education 
and preventing people from engaging in crime; and
(g)  fostering research into the most effective holistic health and lifestyle 
approaches to treatment of these kinds of suffering.

Our Commitments and Responsibilities

  • Treat clients with respect, dignity and courtesy.
  • Provide an accessible service that takes into account individual and cultural diversity.
  • Plan and develop treatment plans and strategies in collaboration with clients.
  • Achieve and maintain appropriate standards of proficiency and participate in ongoing professional review and development.
  • Provide services in a safe environment and ensure that duty of care is maintained.
  • Ensure client information is kept confidential unless disclosure is otherwise authorised.
  • Provide adequate information to clients about organisational and independent complaints processes.
  • Adhere to relevant professional and AOD codes of conduct and ethics.
  • Comply with the Victorian Charter of Human Rights.

Our shared workspace will not tolerate shouting, harassing, bullying behaviour towards other clients/patrons/team members.

How the CHI Wellness Centre does it:

Restorative relationships

  • To meet clients changing needs and to align approaches, values and ethos to current progressive educational theory and best practices management.
  • To educate and encourage clients towards self-regulated positive behaviour
  • To promote, nurture and sustain healthy relationships across the
    CHI Wellness Centre community.
  • To enable clients to be fully accountable for the real consequences
    of their actions, past, present and future.

Supportive environment

  • The CHI Wellness Centre offers people protection from factors that can threaten good health.
  • We foster participation in health and let people expand their capabilities and self-reliance.

Positive social impact

  • Working together with our communities, the CHI Wellness Centre plays a critical role in creating positive social impact.
  • We do this by partnering with governments, government agencies and private enterprise to support their strategic goals for the communities in which they work.
  • Equally, we collaborate at a grassroots level; with community groups, schools, community health providers and advocates for some of the most vulnerable communities, to build social capital and to make a positive difference.

Creative engagement

  • CHI is committed to supporting access to, and participation in, culture, arts and crafts activities for all that seek our assistance.
  • Evidence based research indicates that engagement in culture, arts and crafts activities is essential to a community’s social and economic wellbeing.
  • Our approach to creative engagement delivers personal and public value through building tolerance, cultural resilience, and transformative and enriching experiences.

Food as medicine

  • Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said ’Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food’.
  • We all eat, and food can be used not only to nourish but also to heal the body.
  • The CHI Wellness Centre advocates the use of food as medicine to promote health and wellbeing and treat and prevent disease.
  • We provide access to permaculture gardens, education and openly discuss the many factors that impact on healthy food choices and how foods can be utilised to enhance wellbeing.

Medicinal exercise

  • Scientists don't know exactly why exercise changes the structure and function of the brain for the better, but it's an area of active research.
  • Exercise improves blood flow to the brain, feeding the growth of new blood vessels and even new brain cells, courtesy of the protein BDNF, short for brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which triggers the growth of new neurons and helps repair and protect brain cells from degeneration. "I always tell people that
  • Exercise is regenerative medicine--restoring and repairing and basically fixing things that

Nutritional support

  • Two-time Nobel Prize winner, and molecular biologist, Linus Pauling, Ph.D., coined the term "Orthomolecular" in his 1968 article "Orthomolecular Psychiatry" in the journal "Science."
  • Orthomolecular medicine describes the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances which are natural to the body.
  • The CHI Wellness Centre advocates education, professional guidance and facilitates open discussion for this utterly vital component of long term health and wellness.

Effective treatments

  • We offer all who attend a personal journey of discovery, confidence building and clarity.
  • Personalised treatment, tailor made, where everybody receives a full individualised treatment plan.
  • Qualified therapists providing  treatments that are safe, effective & professionally indemnified.
  • We have an extensive statewide (and international) natural therapy practitioners network and always work closely with fellow service providers.
  • The CHI Wellness Centre is staffed by experienced therapists that are seasoned, warm, gentle and intelligent.
  • Planning, action, maintenance & support for as long as it takes to achieve longterm wellbeing.

Policies & Legal Stuff

COMMUNITY HEALTH INITIATIVE LTD. is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) from
17 Aug 2017. It is covered by Item 1 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.
Australian Business Number: 73 620 889 474
Registered address: 9 Langwells Parade, Northcote, 3070, Victoria

Returns Policy

Accidents happen.  If for whatever reason you have made an error in the amount you have donated, please just phone us at the earliest convenience and we will assist in correcting the mistake.  As all these electronic money transfer services sponge off our combined efforts at creating a better place for us all to live in, please bear in mind that their service charge will have to calibrated into any returns.

Delivery of Returns Policy

We issue receipt for any donation over AUD$2 as quickly as our preferred service provider can manage it.  They inform us that as soon as your details are processed via the donation page, an electronic invoice is sent to the email address that you have so nominated.  Easy.  If this does not prove to be the case, phone us immediately on 03 9482 2357 and we will attend to it as a matter of priority.

Privacy Policy

Generally, the only purpose for your collecting personal data is to use it and do what’s best for our CHI Community users:
We may use the data gathered to help towards development of new services or improve your existing services.
We may send CHI Community Members emails about special offers, new services or other information that may be interesting for you.
We may use CHI Community data to get in touch with Members in order to invite them to participate in creating an even better CHI service provider.

Deductible gift recipient status

COMMUNITY HEALTH INITIATIVE LTD. is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) from
17 Aug 2017. It is covered by Item 1 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Complaints Policy

This policy is intended to ensure that we handle complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively. This policy provides guidance to our staff and people who wish to make a complaint. This policy applies to all staff (paid and volunteer), contractors and our governing body, regarding our products services and staff, or our complaint handling process.

Ccomplaints Process

Community Health Initiative is committed to seeking and receiving feedback and complaints about our services, systems, practices, procedures, products and complaint handling. Any concerns raised in feedback or complaints will be dealt with within a reasonable time frame

People making complaints will be:

  •     Provided with information about our complaint handling process and how to access it,
  •     Listened to, treated with respect by staff and actively involved in the complaint process           where possible and appropriate, and
  •     Provided with reasons for our decision/s and any options for review.

Community Health Initiative will take all reasonable steps to ensure that people making complaints are not adversely affected because a complaint has been made by them or on their behalf. We also accept anonymous complaints and will carry out a confidential investigation of the issues raised where there is enough information provided.


Community Health Initiative will ensure that information about how and where complaints may be made to or about us is well publicised, on our website. We will ensure that our systems to manage complaints are easily understood and accessible to everyone.


Community Health Initiative will promptly acknowledge receiving a complaint. We will assess and prioritise complaints in accordance with the urgency and/or seriousness of the issues raised. If a matter concerns an immediate risk to safety or security the response will be immediate.


Community Health Initiative will address each complaint with integrity and in an equitable, objective and unbiased manner. We will ensure that the person handling a complaint is different from any staff member whose conduct or service is being complained about. Conflicts of interest, whether actual or perceived, will be managed responsibly.


Community Health Initiative is committed to improving the way our organisation operates, including our management of the effectiveness and efficiency of our complaint management system. To this end, we will:

  •     support the making and appropriate resolution of complaints and,
  •     implement best practices in complaint handling.