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We are a collective of social workers, wellness practitioners/educators, pioneers and innovators who have donated our own finances, time, skills and resources towards inter-generational trauma healing work…

Now, we need your help…

Pre-order your copy of our upcoming book for your personal use or as a gift to a colleague, peer or loved one and we will donate a copy to a marginalised individual/family or community centre.

This book provides proven and practical tips on how to avoid, manage or liberate oneself from crises within the framework of one’s personal life, relationships and the workplace in accordance to the principles of Medicinal Lifestyle and Natural Laws.

While the general public are only starting to understand that most mental health conditions or substance abuse epidemics stem from childhood neglect/abuse/family violence/rape/school bullying… understanding is not enough.

Innovative collaborations and immediate actions are required in the here and now to break the cycle of violence and poverty.

We are currently seeding social enterprises in order to be a self-sustainable Registered Charity. Donations over $2 are gratefully accepted and eligible for a Tax Deductible Receipt (DGR-Status).


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How You Can Get Involved

Call (+613) 8319 0905to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

We are currently 100% operated volunteers as we have been allocating our resources towards direct support and assistance towards the marginalised. This is currently an unsustainable practice, so are looking forward to assistance in other areas such as Marketing and Social Media Assistance as we are mostly wellness practitioners/educators/social workers… not marketers.

Sponsor Program

While we appreciate that AUD$2 can go a long way towards helping a family in need overseas… there are families in Australia who currently need your help.

As the saying goes, “Same Problem, Different Postcode”… this is in reference to the effects of childhood abuse and family violence.

For just $25 a month, this can make a huge difference towards helping proactive and marginalised single parents who are working towards breaking the cycle of violence/victimhood and moving towards independence.

This goes towards unique education and professional development that one will not get from any other conventional social service provider nor education centre. Our programs have been proven effective. Stay tuned for our testimonials.

Seeding Social Enterprise Project

Help us seed our social enterprises that not only directly affect families affected by childhood abuse and family violence… This also helps us to be self-sufficient and sustainable.

What We Do

We provide advocacy and meaningful support to individuals and families of those deeply affected by traumatic experiences related to childhood abuse, family violence, assaults, sexual assaults (and more).

Funds raised have been to cover the costs in peer-to-peer support programs, home visits, private and group healing sessions as well as direct and phone support to qualified cases to provide clearer pathways towards long-term recovery.

Please note that while we fully support the Western Medical Model for acute intervention and collaborate with other social support services to assist treatment resistant cases… there are some gaps in service provision that remain to this day that can make a world of difference.

We have been able to help turn lives around towards hope and recovery from treatment resistant cases and those who have been unfairly treated within the social service system prior to reaching us.

We specialise in treating chronic conditions and are committed to the long haul involved with healing intergenerational trauma as well as long-term health and wellness concerns.

We have succeeded in helping and continue to help both those who should be on the welfare system (but wish to be independent of the welfare system) as well as those who have been stuck within the welfare system to liberate themselves from the welfare system, engage with meaningful work and actively contribute within the community.

While we wish to assist everyone, we are aware that we have policies and codes of conduct to abide by. Hence, we have to go through a thorough assessment process prior to taking on new cases.

We also have a duty of care towards our current volunteers and team members to ensure that their rights to a safe and respectful working environment is maintained.

 Our Story

It is said that lived experience is sometimes the highest qualification. 

We are a collective of social workers, wellness practitioners/educators, change-makers, pioneers, innovators and collaborators with lived experiences of transforming traumatic experiences towards a respectful, balanced, unified and thriving community operating from the heart.

We have witnessed cases that have been marked off as “permanent damage done” have a remission in symptoms of BPD/Complex PTSD, Anxiety and Depression when our treatment protocols are fully supported and activated. This is when the affected are given the acknowledgement, respect, adequate time and a safe environment to transform and break the cycle of victimhood towards independence, this helps to lift the current burden on our welfare system that is currently under extreme pressure.

We have also witnessed many prior successful programs within juvenile prison and social services get “defunded” due to “fear-based” systems that sadly still exist within certain social sectors.

Hence, this registered charity was formed in 2017 and blessed to be approved in less than a month in order to make a meaningful difference within Australia (and around the world).

We are currently working on seeding our social enterprise projects in order to be self-sustainable.


Ongoing Projects

The following are just some of the projects we are currently working on:

Global Intergenerational Trauma Healing Network Project

We currently work with several individuals, groups and organisations within Australia and select countries (from Nepal, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Chile to Mexico) to assist with the de-colonisation process. This is an extremely sensitive project and not for the faint hearted.

 Extreme caution and in-depth training required. This is where we require more funds to help our volunteers get to remote areas as well as on-going upskilling processes.

Ongoing Project

Seeding Social Enterprises

This project allows us to directly and indirectly help the marginalised while forming our social enterprises in order to be sustainable. This is our immediate priority at the moment.


Ongoing Project

Aboriginal Culture Preservation and Healings

CHI supports this special event as it is in alignment with the Global Intergenerational Trauma Healing Network Project.

We are super blessed to have Western Arrernte and Pitjantjatjara Elders to give blessings and instruction to Aunty Alison Hunt to travel to Melbourne and be welcomed by Aunty Di Kerr to share her people’s bush medicine healings and more.

You are welcomed to the public gathering hosted by Paul Byrne-Moroney at St Helena on 10 November 2019.

17 November 2019 is a private gathering for Aboriginal Women with Aunty Di Kerr and Aunty Alison Hunt.

These two events child friendly, however, please supervise your child at all times. Please also bring a cushion and a plate to share  in the spirit of Tungungku Palyantja.

All funds raised go towards the travel expenses (as Aunty can only travel by care from Alice Springs), the elders and their community.Please note that everyone involved, including Aunty Alison Hunt are volunteers in this expedition and have already donated in kind towards making this a reality. So any extra assistance is much appreciated and welcomed.

Further details:

Ongoing Project

Operation Gaolbreak

Help us reactivate our proven outpatient programs that have helped with the reduction of recidivism, reliance on the welfare system and revitalised traumatised youths towards resiliency, meaningful work, respectful relationships and proactive involvement in community projects.

Ongoing Project

Survive to Thrive

You can be a beacon of hope for the children of proactive, yet treatment resistant and isolated single parents who are doing it tough.

These are parents who have been failed by conventional social service provision and medical model systems. Parents are finding our programs to be helpful towards their recovery and regaining independence and dignity as they re-educate themselves towards a brighter future for themselves and their children.

While this is an on-going concern, we need to focus on the Seeding Social Enterprise Project as this will have a direct effect on Project Hope.

Ongoing Project

Become a Volunteer Today

If you are an Entreprenuer with skills, we welcome you as we are currently focussed on Seeding our Social Entrerpises Projects in order to be a self-sustainable Registered Charity.


Join Now

Collectively, we’ve put in over

AUD $EVERYTHING of our personal finances and resources

So far, this has assisted us with pro bono assistance to families in need. Our current capacity is limited due to resources at the moment.

What we really need are funds and resources to seed our social enterprises in order to be more self-sustainable.

We do need your help!

Consider being part of the solution

We all share this same planet and every action has direct consequences and effects. Consider the possibilities in being a part of a pro-active movement towards global healing.

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