Dear Friends of CHI, we are pleased to share these two events with those who are in Victoria from 10 Dec 2019 til Dec 2019. Details of Aunty Alison Hunt, Western Arrernte and Pitjantjatjara Senior Woman here on behalf of her elders of the APY Lands (Anangu Pitjantjatjara-Yankunytjatjara Lands) and throughout Central Australia. Further details are on the event page. There are only 120 free tickets to the Welcome to Country Event.

About Aunty Alison Hunt:

Aunty Alison Hunt is an Western Arrernte and Pitjantjatjara Senior Woman. Aunty Alison has worked actively over the last 45 years as an important advocate and a strong voice for her people and until recently, was the Senior Cultural Advisor at Voyagers Resort in Yulara. She was an active cultural consultant and board member for various Central Australian Aboriginal organizations and councils. She was also a consultant to various State and Federal Government Ministers, Prime Ministers, Indigenous Human Rights Advocates, members of the Royal family, and His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama.

As a speaker, mediator, facilitator, and also as a bush medicine healing practitioner in her own right, she brings to her own work a wealth of personal experience in indigenous women’s law and culture and carries the full support of her tribal elders across both the APY Lands (Anangu Pitjantjatjara-Yankunytjatjara lands) and throughout Central Australia. Her work also carries enormous cultural responsibility in both representing and reporting back to her tribal elders. She has also worked in the field of family violence for several years.

In her personal healing sessions, Auntie Alison works closely with the assistance of her senior elders and also her ancestral guides, and combines traditional massage, a potent bush remedy known as ‘aratja’, and traditional smoke treatments. Her potent healing hands have supported the well being of hundreds of clients from all over Australia and abroad in alleviating body pains and aches, and supporting the release and healing of emotional trauma, depression, and personal blockages.

We are blessed for Aunty Alison Hunt to be given permission and support by her Elders to reach out to the Melbourne Community and share the spirit of Tjungungku Palyantja with her bush medicines, healing sessions, traditional paintings… and if we are lucky, further yet to be announced workshops if it is meant to be.

There will also be a private gathering just for the Aboriginal Women with Aunty Di Kerr and Aunty Alison Hunt on 17 Nov 2019.

Details re healing sessions for adults and children (and babies) will be available at the events and by contacting Paul from Thursday 7 November. Jars of Aunty Alison’s bush medicine will be available for sale at the events.

Paul: 0419 334 805 (via SMS only, please)

Miles: 0452 215 259 (via SMS only, please)

Private Healings with Aunty Alison

These are one-on-one and will be available most days, Monday-Saturday, during her stay.

Private healing sessions are $100
Please note that Aunty works in “blackfella” time… so the application of the bush remedy can range from 15-30 mins… depending on the person… any left over time is your sacred opportunity to speak to her in person. Total time with Aunty is between 45-55 mins per person. Please allow 30-60 mins in between your session times as time can be a little fluid!

Bush Medicine: $50 per 50g jar (Aunty Alison has reduced this from $60 as her token of appreciation as costs in making this bush medicine have gone up due to increased travel costs).

This remedy is her own special blend of healing herbs and oils and is basically an indigenous panacea for everything from acne to asthma (great for cuts, healing burns and sun protection as well). Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors in Alice Springs liken Aratja to achieving the results of moxibustion and more.

All profits from the sale of the bush medicine, healing sessions, paintings (and any other workshops/events to be announced) go to support her elders and community.

Please note: no-one supporting Aunty Alison’s visit is paid, all support is in kind and there is no funding for her visit. Therefore, contributions in support of Aunty Alison’s visit (i.e. petrol) are welcome. Aunty Alison is unable to fly and will be travelling all the way from Alice Springs by car. Any money raised during this time goes towards her community and the elders.

Donations (over $2 will entitle you to a Deductible Gift Receipt) via and click on the Donate Tab on the top right corner.
Please type “AUNTY ALISON” and Your Mobile No. in the Bill/Invoice Reference section so that we can allocate this accurately.

Aunty Alison Hunt and her elders will be sending each donor their love and blessings from afar. 🙂

In alignment with Aboriginal protocol, in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, ‘sorry business’ or other unexpected indigenous complications, the events may be cancelled with or without last minute notice. We appreciate your understanding with this.